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Sonic vs. Nack by MylaFox Sonic vs. Nack by MylaFox
Nack lines up his sights. "Say goodbye, hedgehog!" He grins widely as he tightens his grip and pulls the trigger. An explosion shoots out from the barrel of his revolver, casting a fiery glow on the determined weasel's face. Following the recoil, he waits in anticipation.

What he doesn't know is that when the smoke clears, he won't find his prize. Sonic's already dodged the bullet, readying himself for a counter-attack.

"Hah! No measly bullet's gonna stop me!"


Okay, so I found out just earlier about this little contest-thing that Archie is holding right now. It's called the "Sonic Versus Contest" and the idea is that you have to draw Sonic versus one of your favorite comic villains. I chose Nack because I not only like his character, but I also thought it would be a little unexpected. My first gut reaction was to draw Scourge, but I figured everyone else had the same idea as well.

...Also, Nack is purple. I mean, come on. PURPLE. I had to go with him. ;)

I'm really sorry if this looks rushed, because it should. It takes me hours and hours to get anything done, and I was really pressed for time here. (I think the contest ends really soon!)

I wish I were faster with this stuff. Oh well... That comes with practice, I suppose. @_@

Aside from tight time-constraints, this was also a challenge for me in that I have never painted a desert before. Nor a gun. Nor Nack. Nor a bullet. xD I'd say it's okay in that regard, though I obviously could have done better if I had more time. (Took some artistic liberties with Nack's attire. I thought it turned out pretty well.)

I was thinking about using a cork instead of an actual bullet to stay kid-safe, but then I recalled countless times actual guns and bullets were used in Sonic games. (Take, oh say... the intro to Sonic Adventure, for instance..?) I don't think it's a big deal.

So yeah. There you have it! I know I probably won't win... but I figure that it's better to try and fail, than to never try at all!

I think my wrist is about ready to catch on fire. LOL Enjoy!
(Oh yeah, be sure to click 'download' so you can actually see this in detail!)


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Note: Don't steal this, okay? It won't work. Archie received double this resolution (4000x3000 pixels) in lossless PNG format without any watermark. They'll know you're a fake. Get out there and practice, instead!

Sonic the Hedgehog and Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel are İSEGA/Sonic Team/Archie Comic Publications
Artwork pictured above is İMyla Fox Productions

You do not have permission to replicate, copy, alter, or claim this art as your own.
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January 16, 2011
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