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I Saw an Angel by MylaFox I Saw an Angel by MylaFox
Today, I saw an Angel... With him, he carried an endless sea of clouds. His crimson eyes spoke to me in words I could only hear the shape of, and his crooked smile painted a pale face on my heart.


Edit: Please no silly comments about how "Super Sonic can already fly." I, of course, know that. Look deeper... These wings have meaning. They are very symbolic.

Edit 2: If you whine about this concept, you will be blocked. No questions asked!

This is something I've been meaning to paint out for a while. Had the idea looming in my head, but never manged to portray it. This was a perfect opportunity for me to study wings. There's still a lot more to learn, but I think this was a good start.

I also wanted a new wallpaper, so feel free to use this if you like it! It is designed for 1920x1080 widescreen monitors (centered, of course), but will work with standard aspect as well with the bands.


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If you enjoy my work, and want to support me as an artist... Consider donating. Any amounts are appreciated. Certain donations qualify for a free print from me. Send me a private note for more information.


Painted in Paint Tool Sai
Background took about an hour, character took 6+ hours.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Sonic are (c)SEGA/Sonic Team
Artwork pictured above is İMyla Fox Productions

You do not have permission to replicate, copy, alter, or claim this art as your own.
You also may never sell or trade any of my artwork.
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May 18, 2011
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