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Before the Fall by MylaFox Before the Fall by MylaFox
"Hope you like swimmin', mon!" xD


Holy moly. Thank you so much for the DD!!! I never thought this day would come. ;____;

Do you recognize this scene? I hope so! ^^

Edit: I apologize for being so harsh about this image. I think I was just working on it for too long, and I did not meet my own expectations. I didn't mean to sound like a whiny artist, or a martyr that was just fishing for compliments. Looking back on it now, I can appreciate the image a little more. That being said, I am so grateful for all of your commentary, critiques and support. The response to this image is actually a little overwhelming for me, so it is difficult to keep up at the moment. However, I am so happy that this could bring back nostalgic memories for so many of you. In the end, I got the point across. That makes me feel accomplished. =) Thanks again, you guys! You rock!

Edit 2: As noted by others and from personal observation, I realize the composition in this is very poor (it's cut in half!), and I see what I could have done now to make it a lot better. I will not go back in and change this image, as I am sick of it... However, I will really try to avoid mistakes like this in the future.

I've been meaning to paint something like this for a while, but never mustered up the courage to actually go ahead and do it...

Unfortunately, at this point-- I feel that I still should not have. It may not look like it, but this is probably one of the most complicated things I've ever illustrated. I worked for several days on this image, but it just didn't turn out well in the end. Just a big waste of time. I made the mistake of attempting to paint a waterfall with no references or guidance. I have never seen a waterfall in real life, either... As such, I have shamefully dubbed this a "waterfail."

Those palm trees... took forever. @_@ I think they're pretty much alright, though.

The logs are too basic for the characters, and as such they look out of place. Rubbish... ;_;

Oh well, I tried... Critique is welcome, though I don't really want to look at this picture again. >< I'm actually embarrassed about posting it...

I'll probably be taking a bit of a break from art... Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the quality of my work is slowly degrading.


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Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna are İSega/Sonic Team
Artwork pictured above is İMyla Fox Productions

You do not have permission to replicate, copy, alter, or claim this art as your own.

Daily Deviation

Given 2011-05-15
Before the Fall by *MylaFox

The suggester said: "The level of detail in this image is astounding, from the leaves of the palm trees all the way down the the individual blades of grass. I personally think that the waterfall is the most impressive part. I believe that water and fire are the most difficult things to paint or draw. This deviation has both." ( Suggested by Brian-Foxglove and Featured by TommyGK )
IT'S AWSOME i love how you did Sonic,Tails,Knuckles, and the background too(it much be pretty hard to do the waterfall and the plam trees) I just love tails face he look so cute! and sadly i never play Sonic 3 before i bet it a good game to i'm a sonic fan! Shading look awsome and i see birds in the background too i hope to see more if you art to ? why because it's awsome AND KNUCKLES YOU BETTER NOT PUSH THAT BUTTON OR ELSE Sonic and tails come back and hurt you (not really and nice job on
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Ok, time to get critique-y :)

I have got to say that this is one of the most awesome renditions of a scene from a Sonic game that I have ever seen.

The characters' expressions are so very fitting. Tails is worried, Sonic is cool and defiant, and Knuckles is just as smug as he was in the game.
The colours and shading look good though for some reason I can't entirely spot Sonic's shadow on the bridge, but that probably just means I should've zoomed in before I started writing :blush:

Now for the scenery.
The contrast between the raging waterfall and the burning forest is inspired, and handled very well. It all just leaps out of the screen and seriously helps to immerse the viewer in the scene... much as Sonic and Tails will soon be immersed in the Hydrocity Zone ;)
Textures are awesome, colours are awesome, light and shade effects are awesome.

In conclusion, this is spectacular and I love it.
I'm not really sure what I can suggest that would improve it.
Oh, and I only marked originality down because it is fan-art and a re-working of an existing scene.
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