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Farewell, deviantART!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2015, 2:02 PM

UPDATE 8/22/15 - My entire gallery has been cleared out. If there's anything you missed, don't fret. I'm slowly migrating a lot of art over to my tumblr. You can also personally shoot me an e-mail and I can provide you with the file you're looking for. I of course have backups of everything, so no art is lost forever.

I also want to say thanks again for all of the support you guys have shown me over the years. It really was a trip down memory lane while I browsed through my old artwork, filled to the brim with comments and nostalgia. Some good, some bad, but all meaningful. This has been an enriching experience and I will never forget it. I know that many of you will disagree with or be confused by my decision to leave, but know that I have been carefully considering this move for many months now. Slowly transitioning away from deviantART has allowed me more creative freedom and time to work on personal projects without worrying about catering to a specific audience. Those who know me know that I care little for pageviews and numbers, but sadly, I felt like this website was becoming more of a number game than anything else, making it increasingly difficult for me to trust relationships formed here and leading to an unhealthy environment that is hostile to my creativity. There are numerous reasons for my leave, but this is the best decision for me at the moment. In the unlikely event that deviantART has a complete turnaround for the better, I may consider re-joining you guys in the future, but I don't honestly see that happening.

Special thanks to the 200+ folks that decided to follow me over to tumblr from here, I really appreciate you making that move to keep up-to-date with my latest works and projects. For those of you who choose to stay behind, I want to wish you the best of luck as well.

Finally, do not upload my artwork to deviantART or any other website where I have a registered account. Removing my artwork here does not permit you to place it back, and I will have it forcibly removed whenever it is brought to my attention. I have all the proof I need as the IP owner, and you will lose every DMCA Takedown case against your account. Please check carefully before you choose to post, as you may actually be causing more harm than good. I no longer want to support nor trust deviantART with my content, and I kindly ask that you respect this decision.

I avoided reading and responding to comments here before taking my leave as I did not want to be tempted to stay. Thank you for your understanding, and remember that you can always e-mail me if you'd like to keep in touch.

Farewell, deviantART!

UPDATE 8/22/15 - Alright guys, gonna start purging everything now. Please make backups of anything you like! I'll try to start with the oldest stuff first.

UPDATE 8/21/15 - Just a reminder that tomorrow throughout the day I will be clearing out my entire gallery from deviantART's servers. Please remember to save anything that you like now, as I cannot guarantee it will be posted over to my tumblr. Thanks!

"In One Week, My Art Will Be Gone"

Couldn't think of a more straightforward title than that. This is my official notice of departure from deviantART as I venture into other social media outlets. At this point in my art career, deviantART is no longer helpful to me, and I do not have the time nor energy to keep up with it anymore. I feel that the community is now just a shadow of what it once was, and the miscommunication from staff only exacerbates the problem. I do not agree with administrative decisions being made, and no longer feel secure with my content being hosted on this website. For those of you curious, this has nothing to do with Core membership, though that is another key example of many poor choices being made without prior notice. I would have happily paid for Core, but it would only serve as a band-aid to cover up the underlying issues at-hand. I will not get into details publicly, but if you would like to know more information, you can contact me via my business e-mail here.

I'm sorry as I understand this will be a disappointment to many, particularly my new watchers. I noticed all the shout-outs in your Questionnaire journals, and I appreciate the mentions. I was amazed by how many of you had me listed as your reason for having joined deviantART, holding the place as your first favorite, and/or your very favorite artist on this site. To you, I apologize for letting you down, and I hope you can understand that this is the best decision for me right now.

In exactly one week from today (Saturday, August 22nd, 2015), I will be removing all content hosted on this website. Not storing, but physically deleting all of my work from deviantART. This is an undoable operation. If there is something you like, please go in and save it now. You can see my previous art pieces and future works on my personal blog,  Myla Does Art, which has been thriving. You do not need a tumblr account to view my artwork, and I allow anonymous asks.

It has been one heck of a ride, guys. I've made some awesome contacts during my stay, and had some really great experiences along the way. I never thought I'd ever receive one Daily Deviation, and to my surprise, I was fortunate enough to receive four. I think of all my deviantART memories, those moments are probably most notable for me. They helped instill confidence in me as an artist, and served as a friendly reminder that all I've worked for has been noticed by the community- at large. I want to thank you for helping make my time here a fun one, and I hope you'll keep up with my artwork via the aforementioned blog. Lots of exciting stuff to come, and I want you to join me for the ride.

I will not be responding to comments made here, but you can e-mail me if you'd like to keep in touch. I will likely be keeping this account itself active simply so that I may follow and support a few very important people in my life, but that's about it.

Take care,
- Selena

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Hi there^^
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You will be missed here! Rest assured, I will continue to follow and <3 your work. :huggle:
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